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Goldstar Gemset Investment Powder

65 +VAT
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Gold Star Gem Set For the stone in place casting. Gold Star Gem Set has been specially formulated to protect precious stones such as diamonds, when they are set into the wax patterns, burned out and cast, to ensure no damage to the stones during the burnout cycle. The maximum temperature achieved during the burnout cycle MUST NOT exceed 630°C.

Gem Set holds the stones in place during the dewax period, and protects them from the heat during the remainder of the burnout process, and from the molten metal when cast. Gem Set will produce high definition, clean surface castings, with stones that remain as clear as they were before burnout. Extensive permeability testing and development has taken place to ensure maximum carbon is released from the mould during burnout. It is formulated with the special additives to enhance stone-in-place casting results and improve cleanoff. Gem Set will cast all alloys melting below 1350°C.


Do not remove flasks from furnace to cast until they have been held at casting temperature for a minimum of 1 hour. If held for less than 1 hour, the core of the flasks will be at a much higher temperature than the digital temperature display states, and may result in metal mould reaction.


• Do not burnout above 630°C

• Do not quench, only knock out when cold

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